Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Self love, presence.

Self love comes in many glorious forms, but what is it that makes it so difficult?  I lay in a purple room with the support of my breathworker and I begin breathing, naturally. I have a tendancy to want to control the breath, however this time I was invited to breathe naturally. While still brething integratively I began to notice that the outbreath left a feeling of a void over my heart, as if the breath was separating and moving around my heart. I was comforted and asked what I was a feeling. I could relate to the feeling like many times before, that I need to love myself. It was a profound feeling, stronger than before. My body was telling me to focus, to recognize, to feel. Tears began to fall from my eyes, and this energy started to flood my entire being.

The awareness of beating myself up over thoughts, actions and more specifically creating expectations have often left me feeling overwhelmed and lost. The experience offered a place for my heart to talk to me, to guide me, to give me a reason to love myself.  Self love is not necessarily a lesson or a conscious practice. Sometimes being in the moments that life offers us is the best place to be, and to see love and joy within every moment.