Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Would you believe me?

When faced with fear, anxiety or depression where do you go? Do you go to the beach, the mountains, your favorite watering hole; or do you go to sleep, to alcohol and drugs, to chocolate? The list is endless, and all encompassing. The funny thing is wherever you go, there you are. We take us with us. Living in a constant state of fight or flight creates a very hard knock life. It builds us up to resist relaxation, to not see the beauty in the sky or even worse it creates a physical illness that drives us deeper into hiding.

So then where do we go? We go inward. The invitation is out there. It's sparkling, shining and glimmering with the solution. Going inward hurts. It means we have to face the very things we despise. Those things called personality traits. Do you often hear yourself saying, "I'm not good enough?" or "I'm not pretty enough?" That's called self-sabatoge and its relentless. It does our body no good. What if I told you there was a solution. A way out, a way to end the suffering. Would you believe me?

The solution lies in grace, in willingness, in honesty. Create a vision to become a better you, the person you were meant to be. Ask yourself this question, What is it that makes me happy? Then take yourself on a visual journey to that place and feel the energy that it creates. If we get honest with ourselves, close our eyes and ask ourselves this simple question, many answers will begin to unfold.